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1. Reservations – Advance payments – Cancellations:
In order for any reservation to be valid, the relevant booking statement must be signed and a deposit equal to 30% of the participation must be made by at least thirty (30) days prior to the starting date of your activity. The deposit of the advance payment or the deposit of the total amount automatically means that the depositor accepts the general terms of reservation.  In the event of cancellation, for any reason, one of the following applies:
a) Cancellation up to fifteen (15) days prior to the starting date of your activity: refunding of the entire amount of the deposit, excluding taxes.
b) Cancellation of up to three (3) days prior to the starting date of your activity: refunding of half the amount of the deposit, excluding taxes.
c) Cancellation in less than three (3) days prior to the starting date of your activity: withholding the entire amount of the deposit.
2. Participation of teams.
In case of reservation for a large number of people (groups), teams, clubs, schools, etc., the team leader-representative completes a reservation form with his / her signature on behalf of all the participants and bears the responsibility of informing everyone about the general terms of booking and items what they must have with them. Alternatively the team leader-representative undertakes the responsibility to have every participant fill in his or her relevant booking statement.
3. In the event of alterations in the date of your reservation due to Kastoria Outdoors liability or due to bad weather, participants may accept the changes or cancel their participation by taking back whatever amount of money they have already paid (excluding taxes) without any further claims.
In the event of cancellation of your reservation due to bad weather, the entire amount paid is refunded (excluding taxes) and the participants cannot have any other claims.
Kastoria Outdoors reserves the right to convert or trim any program without any charge, no obligation to refund or any claim by the participants.
4. In the event of cancellation or interruption of any of your activities, due to liability of one of the participants, the amount paid is not refunded to any of the participants who are required to pay off the whole pre agreed amount and without any further claim.
Additional costs that may arise by any alteration to the activities program made by the participants will not burden Kastoria Outdoors.
5. Program alterations made by participants:
Any alteration (date, number of participants, etc.) is considered as a cancelation and will be treated in accordance with the terms of paragraph 1 of this document.
6. Photographing – filming of participants:
During the activities the participants are photographed and filmed. This material is owned by Kastoria Outdoors and can be used in all its promotional activities (press, website, social media, etc.). In case you do not wish to appear in the promotional material of the company, you must send us your request in writing, at the latest by the end of your activity.
7. Personal belongings of participants:
Kastoria Outdoors bears no responsibility for the loss, destruction, corruption, distortion or any other damage to personal belongings of the participants carrying with them during the course of the activities. The same applies to items kept by Kastoria Outdoors during transits to and from the locations where the activities are take place as well as during those activities. The responsibility of personal belongings is solely of the participants.
8. Despite providing the best equipment, activities in nature involve the risk of accidents and participation in them requires the awareness, understanding and acceptance of that risk.
Kastoria Outdoors assumes no responsibility for your activities. Kastoria Outdoors bears the responsibility to provide safe and in good working order equipment and its responsibility is limited to that.
Every client waives any claim on his behalf or on behalf of third parties, criminal or civil liability against Kastoria Outdoors or any of our partners for negligence or other liability/ies in conjunction with any accident (bodily injury, death, etc.).
All your activities take place mandatory in presence of our associates to ensure the proper use and protection of the equipment of the company as well as for photographing-filming of the participants.
In the event that our associate realizes that the equipment is not properly used or protected, he / she has the right to ask the participant/s to whom the incorrect use or protection of the equipment is due to not to participate in the activity or to stop the activity completely. In this case, all participants are required to pay off the whole pre agreed amount without any further claim. For any damage or destruction of our equipment due to customer’s misuse, the customer is solely responsible.


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